Tools & Resources

On this page you’ll find a list of our top resources for simplifying tasks within your business. We do receive compensation for mentioning some of these resources at no additional cost to you however we only recommend sites we’ve personally used and vetted.


mailchimp & convertkit


MailChimp & ConvertKit are our favorite tools for email marketing. For brand new entrepreneurs we recommend starting with MailChimp to experiment with email marketing and decide how you’re going to implement the strategy in your business. MailChimp is also a fantastic option for non-profits with limited budgets. It’s free for your first 2,000 subscribers. If you’d like to monetize your list or create a series of automated emails to build a relationship with your followers then you’re ready to move to ConvertKit. We’ve also found the open rates for ConvertKit emails tends to be higher because it’s less likely to get caught in the dreaded “Promotions” filter. So if automation or open rates are a top priority, pay for ConvertKit and you won’t be disappointed.


calendly & Acuity


Online scheduling is an absolute must for anyone looking to add more time back into their day. Calendly offers one free appointment for all its free users. If you’re just starting out, use this option for a consultation or discovery call to vet potential customers or clients. If you are someone who charges for their time like a therapist, accountant, coach, etc. Acuity is a much better option because it doesn’t allow people the ability to get on the calendar without paying first. There are also options for subscriptions, bundles, etc.

crowdcast & zoom


When you work online there’s no way around using a video conferencing tool. The ability to screenshare for clarity or just connect face to face is priceless. We use Zoom almost daily to communicate with our clients out of state. Our favorite thing is paid Zoom accounts have a “Zoom Room” so the call in link can remain the same each time you use the app. This allows us to automate meeting reminders so we don’t have to constantly send meeting invitations to our clients. Crowdcast is an AMAZING list generating tool. You can literally setup a webinar complete with reminders in less than 5 minutes. The best part is it makes a library of past visible events so if you want to leave it up there so people who discover your page and still watch your content after you go live you’re good to go. Integrate it with ConvertKit and each time someone signs up for a webinar they can automatically get added to your list!