It was really nice getting to know you better on the phone Toye. I believe the best way I can serve your brand in 2019 is a half day intensive. Below you’ll find the details for how I think we should be our four hours together.

The proposal below is valid for 5 business days. When you’re ready, please hit the button below to respond to your proposal. Have a great day!



Your 4 hour half-day intensive will be conducted virtually though a zoom video chat. There will be an hour long work session in between your 90 minute segments for me to work on your website updates and for you to take a break.

FIRST 90 MINUTES: During the first 90 minutes we will focus on foundation, presentation, funds & relationship.

  • FOUNDATION: How to firm up the mission for your brand & why this is important, How to strategically create your ideal customer profile, How to define your product/service offerings, research what the market will support and decide what you should charge

  • PRESENTATION: How to build a branding kit for your business & define your visual brand, How to properly communicate with your audience, How to utilize photography strategically to drive sales

  • THE SALES: How to create promotional graphics without a designer, How to create copy that sells & when to hire a professional to help, How to create a website on the platform that’s the best fit for your brand

  • RELATIONSHIP: How to create a sales funnel that will get you paid, How to solidify your workflow through automating and delegating tasks, How to drive traffic to your site

SQUARESPACE WORK SESSION: After completing your first 90 minutes I will put in an hour of time to make the necessary changes to your website to increase your conversion rate.

SECOND 90 MINUTES: Develop a strategy for driving traffic with social media

  • We will create a 90 day marketing strategy for your business to use social media to drive traffic to your website.

  • After making the necessary website changes and getting clear on your foundation, presentation, sales and relationship with your ideal customer, social media will be less about brand awareness and more about driving leads to your sales funnel.

TOTAL COST: $750 (2 payments of $375 - Deposit due to book and the remainder is due before the half day intensive)

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Fine Art Photographer • Liz Cook Photography, Educator & Co-Founder • Every Birth Photographer

"With her passion for helping small businesses paired with her natural gift of finding the marketable elements in any business (whether you are just getting off the ground or you’ve been in business for 13+ years), LaShonda is a treasure you will wish you had uncovered years ago. At least that was the case for me. After spending a decade of creating and running my own marketing campaigns without much direction, I met LaShonda. 90 minutes with her and I had three different marketing campaigns designed and ready to be implemented with achievable and measurable goals and the confidence to believe in the execution. Not only that, LaShonda later sat with me and helped me curate my offerings down to a collection that well-represented my brand and that my clients could understand and get excited about! Since meeting and working with LaShonda, my business has done a complete 180 and I had my most successful year ever in 2018! She is a gem and I highly recommend her services!!"