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I have launched five successful brands since I was 18 which all generated thousands of dollars. I am an entrepreneur. I don’t just know theories about business, I run three. If you are looking for a strategist and consultant who thinks creatively and is passionate about making you profitable and not just popular, I’m your girl.


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At About 90 we have a team of filmmakers, designers and developers to help small businesses get their brands off the ground and keep them in business. We offer marketing consulting, photography, video production and web design. Feel feel to click at the top to view examples of all those services. If your brand also needs a new logo design we can also help with that. Many businesses take advantage of our branding packages before building their websites.

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my other award winning brands


Life Focus Pictures was the big idea that made me an entrepreneur. My husband and both quit our jobs in 2011 to see if we could make this dream a reality. He had attended film school and moved from VA Beach to Lynchburg to pursue a relationship with me. Unfortunately none of the video companies in town were hiring so he was forced to see if we could create a business for ourselves. Fast forward seven years and we have worked with over 200 brands worldwide. We received the Small Business of the Year award in 2016 from the Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance and we even had one of our commercials broadcast worldwide on ESPN. I LOVE FILM PRODUCING. It allows me to utilize my degrees in Theatre Arts Performance and Production and gives me the ability to hire fellow actors from my previous theatre career.


Eye for Ebony was a passion project that took on a mind of its own. In August 2017, after sending an ungodly amount of time looking for African American stock photos I decided to shoot a few of my own. I did two photo shoots “Live Colorfully” and “I Am Not My Hair”. I put the images up for free on Unsplash and since then those images have been seen over 30 Million times with purely organic reach. Huge Fortune 500 brands have used my images and that inspired me to pursue making a brand to provide images as a service. On New Year’s Day 2018, the site launched. Since then I’ve worked with brands like the American Dairy Association and I was recognized by Honeybook, Gusto & Peerspace as one of their 20 on the Rise: Image Makers. Recently I submitted proposals to Shutterstock, iStock and Canva and all three agreed to let me put my images on their platforms for larger distribution. There is NO GREATER FEELING than being able to see a problem and create a solution to address the need. I still operate Eye for Ebony and I try my best to shoot one bundle a month and make it available on Creative Market for purchase while juggling custom stock commissions.

In case you were wondering, the other two brands I’ve launched since moving to Lynchburg were the Lynchburg 48 Hour Film Project and Transformation Theatre Company. Through the Lynchburg 48 over 100 short films have been made over the course of a weekend since 2014 and Transformation Theatre Company my very first brand raised over $25,000 through three live theatrical productions produced at Liberty University while I was working on my undergrad degrees.

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online & offline

I am extremely passionate about helping business owners learn how to serve out of their overflow. In 2018 I had the privilege to speak to over 80 women with entrepreneurial spirits at the very first Imperfect Boss Camp in Haliburton, Canada. I welcome the opportunity to share about how I balance my passion for philanthropy with running three businesses. If you have a place for this message, send me email and let me know how I can support you.



If you happen to follow my YouTube channel online you’ve heard about my VIP Vault. It’s my EPIC resource library filled with video tutorials, cheat sheets and checklist for ABSOLUTELY FREE. When you sign up you’ll receive the password to the vault. Make sure you bookmark the page for easy reference.

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The Bootstrap Biz Advice is a YouTube Channel which features Squarespace and Canva Tutorials. From time to time I also review website and mobile applications that help people to grow their brands without breaking the bank. So if you are bootstrapping your biz, you’ll love this channel. Click the button below to start watching!



Bootstrap Biz Camp will turn my 90 Day marketing strategies into a 12 week group coaching program. Instead of just leaving a brand boost with a strategy and no help to implement it, I will walk you through the process over the course of 90 days with 9 other entrepreneurs from around the world.