I’ve been helping non-profits for the past seven years but I believe becoming a Rotarian took my service and strategy to the next level. Rotary International is the largest and oldest service organization in the world with 1.2 million members committed to putting service above self. As a member of the Rotary Club of Lynchburg-Morning I have committed a significant amount of my time to philanthropic efforts both locally and internationally. These efforts have not gone unnoticed. In March 2018, I received the Douglas A. Newton Excellence in Communication award for my public image efforts for District 7570 in Southwestern, Virginia and Eastern Tennessee. In August 2018, I was spotlighted in a one page feature in The Rotarian for my membership strategies designed to attract the next generation of members and donors for Rotary which was distributed to a readership of 400,000+ people worldwide. In mid January 2019, I will travel to San Diego to speak at the largest event on the Rotary calendar, International Assembly, to address leaders from all around to world and equip the 2019-2020 District Governors with strategies to increase and engage their members.

I am a strategic marketing expert for people who serve and I’d love the opportunity to serve you.


do we offer non-profits?

At About 90 we believe that non-profits should be treated like a business with its own brand identity and strategy. Our consulting, web design, photo & video services would be perfect for any non-profit or civic group. In addition to those services we do offer 3, 6 and 12 month contracts for non-profits in need of assistance with a fundraiser, capital campaign or brand awareness push.

In lieu of discounts we select one non-profit each year to receive a FREE fundraising marketing strategy and $1000 donation. Scroll down to view our 2017 & 2018 recipients.

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2018 Recipient | HumanKind, Ways to Work Program

I gathered together fellow Rotarians to join me in raising funds for HumanKind. I knew it was an extremely busy time so I created a strategy designed to generate my $1000 pledge in a week. Not only did I raise the funds in less than 7 days, I received donations from Rotarians in India and our team “The Rotary Edgers” finished as the #1 Fundraising Team of the entire competition. We also had the youngest edger at just 11 years old. The strategy began with this fundraising kickoff video was followed by donor thank you graphics, dancing boomerangs, livestreaming video to answer questions and more! Perfect example of leveraging technology and infusing creativity to achieve the desire results. All in all, we raised $5,543 exceeding our pledge goal by almost $1500.


Untitled design (1).png

2017 Recipient | Susan G. Komen, Virginia Blue Ridge

The Lynchburg Big Wig competition featured 10 members in the Lynchburg community who had a desire and passion to help men and women impacted by breast cancer in Central Virginia. For this strategy I pulled in help from all over Lynchburg including a local billboard owner. The Lynchburg Big Wig billboard appeared on 221 and helped drive traffic to my fundraising page in addition to the Big Wig photo shoots I did with local photographers to generate content. The campaign raised over $1000 in a week but I continued to wear the pink wig with pride for the full month of March. The symbolism of the wig was powerful but the pin that said “Ask Me About My Wig” was the icing on the cake. The wig caught people’s attend but the button gave people permission to start the conversation. For most women, the first thing they think of when they receive a cancer diagnosis is “what will I do when I lose my hair”. Sacrificing for a month, embracing the stares really helped me understand what women go through and served as a powerful way to promote Susan G. Komen’s mission. The best part? Over $20,000 was raised, the money stayed in our community and helped our local cancer center provide life saving services to those who are unable to afford it on their own.


just a few of the non-profits we’ve helped in the past


LADIES NIGHT OUT | Casa of Central Virginia

Before Allison Stronza was hired, the CASA Facebook page had 466 likes and was not being utilized regularly.  On her own she raised the total number of likes to 608 by inviting friends, running contests and boosting posts.  This averaged out at 2.5 likes per day with 73 people talking about the page.  The board had agreed to cancel Ladies Night Out if sales for 2015 did not improve due to the massive amount of manpower needed to execute the event.

On March 13 I joined their marketing team to help breathe new life into Ladies Night Out.  The changes were implemented over the course of six weeks.  The budget was $500 for FB ad spend.  I utilized the CASA Facebook page & created an Instagram account for social media marketing.  $145 was designated to general CASA branding, $280 was designated to promote Ladies Night Out and other CASA activities putting total expenses $75 under budget.  Within 24 hours of taking over the CASA Facebook page the page gained 52 new Facebook likes and increased engagement on the Ladies Night Out Contest from 10 likes & 13 comments to 16 likes & 64 comments.

Not only did I increase the total reach on the page to 13,173 in the first week (an increase of 1,058.6%), I learned vital information about their audience.  Over 86% of the page fans were women between 25 and 54.  Almost half of the fans were based in Lynchburg.  This information became extremely powerful throughout the campaign.  By shifting the focus away from college age girls & men, the engagement on the page continued to increase exponentially.  Their ad dollars became more effective because their marketing efforts became more targeted based on the numbers.   During this time I also negotiated a PSA deal with Comcast and consulted with their intern graphic designer about establishing a visual branding identity for the event and all the marketing.  I also trained Allison on FB techniques and graphic creation during the six week process and the months that followed to allow CASA to sustain the engagement after the event.

What were the results? 
The social media campaign paid for itself, generated a large profit & led to over $35K in total funds raised for the event.
  Additionally we advised them to simplify ticket sales by eliminating in store ticket purchasing at multiple store locations, switch to online ticket ordering & simplify shoe pricing to $10/pair.  These key decisions have provided CASA with a newly re-branded event that will serve them for years to come.  
Currently CASA has a Facebook following of over 4,900.


ATHERHOLT ALL-NIGHTER | Johnson Health Center

Johnson Health Center expanded their operations to a new facility on Atherholt Road and they were looking for a way to acquire artwork for the large facility as a reasonable price. Enter the Atherholt All-Nighter. The Atherholt All-Nighter was a 24 hour charity paint challenge. Artists would pull a room out of a hat "the lobby, dentistry, pediatrics, etc." and they would have 24 hours to pick up their canvas from Johnson and return it painted 24 hours later. Johnson would supply the canvas but the materials were the responsibility of the artist. 

Why would someone donate their work? 

Johnson Health Center is a non-profit healthcare provider in the Lynchburg region that provides affordable quality care to those who need it most. By donating their work, artists were able to help those less fortunate and also build awareness for themselves. Each piece was prominently hung in the Atherholt facility and will remain up as long as the facility is open. Johnson Health Center received numerous features in the press for this initiative and had a huge turnout on opening day when the artwork was unveiled. 

How did it help them with their initial financial goal? 

On top of the free publicity, Johnson was able to save almost $5,000 on artwork costs due to our innovative strategy. They also increased their Facebook following by 100 likes during this campaign.