Mickie Brown Website Re-Design

The main goal of the website re-design is to be able to have students enroll & pay for classes online. It’s also imperative that the potential students are vetted before money is exchanged. - Inspiration for the site

Desired Tabs
Mindfulness- Remove “What are graduate sessions & testimonials”
Programs – MBSR, Professional Wellness, Healthcare (Payment Options included), *Speaking Engagements
Schedules- MBSR, Workshops
Private Sessions – (Payment Options)
Resources-The Science, *Guided Meditations, *Speaking Videos, Recommended Reading

*Pages that we will develop and hide so they aren’t visible when the site launches but are fully functional

The Process

You should have received an email from requesting your $900 deposit for the project. When you’re able, complete your payment online by the October 26th deadline to be added to production calendar. The process can be simplified in 4 steps: collect information, website mockups, design approval and launch. The longest step by far is the “collect information” stage however Content Snare makes that process fairly simple. After everything is collected, we’ll begin designing your pages with the information provided. As we complete pages, we’ll paste the links on this overview page for you to review and provide feedback. When all pages are designed, your site will be ready to launch! At this point the remaining balance will be due and we’ll connect your site to





Collect Information

We will be using the site Content Snare to collect the information needed for your site. It’s essentially setup like a form and both you and Jack can use the site to load in the appropriate content. After we receive your deposit we’ll get your Content Snare account setup and we’ll get the collection process started.