Hope Out Loud

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Hope Out Loud hired About 90 Marketing in February 2016 to help increase awareness and raise sales for Hope Out Loud. Before the 90 days began, their Facebook page was just shy of 4,000 likes, they had 2,400 email subscribers and their website received 700-800 views per month. 

During the 90 day period, About 90 created assets, workflows and systems to help them expand and continue to do so in the future. Major aspects of the non-profit were completely overhauled including: a new website (via One Nine Pro), a new email marketing system via MailChimp and website pop-up site Privy, landing pages and LeadDigits through LeadPages and perhaps the biggest addition was regular video content via a web series called Bible Talk. 

What were the results?

They added over 700 likes in March alone, over 300 new subscribers to their email list and their website traffic skyrocked to over 2,500 page views in just a month's time. 

Over our time together we refined the video approach for HOL, designed and added new merchandise to their online store and continued to expand their reach online.  Today, Hope Out Loud has a staggering 9,000+ following on Facebook. They continue to travel and promote their ministry in addition to the newest book by Linda Barrick, Beauty Marks. 

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