It was really good catch up with you on the phone today Lakena! The two ways I think I can help Hewalenamo Girls, Inc. are a Brand Boost & a Half Day Intensive. The Brand Boost would focus its efforts on developing a 90 day strategy for Instagram growth. The goal of the half day intensive would be to help raise funds for Hewalenamo.

The proposal below is valid for 5 business days. When you’re ready, please hit the button below to respond to your proposal. Have a great day!



Your brand boost includes:

  • Extensive Pre-Meeting Questionnaire to assist in research & analysis prior to the video call

  • 90 Minute Video Call with LaShonda + 30 Minute Follow Up Phone Call

  • A week by week marketing plan to implement over a 90 day period to help accomplish your goals

  • A recording of the call for your convenience



Your 4 hour half-day intensive will be conducted virtually though a zoom video chat. There will be 15-20 minute breaks at the 90 minute marks during the session.

FIRST 90 MINUTES: During the first 90 minutes we will focus on foundation, presentation, funds & relationship.

  • FOUNDATION: Get clear on the mission and why it’s important the donors we’re trying to attract, strategically create your ideal donor profile, define what we are offering the donors in exchange for their donations

  • PRESENTATION: Establish a visual brand for the fundraiser, create a communication strategy and decide what type of imagery you’re going to use to promote the event

  • FUNDS: Brainstorm promotional graphics that will be needed, find the brand voice for the fundraiser to help write copy that will attract the donations and decide how you will use a website to facilitate your fundraising needs

  • RELATIONSHIP: Build the donor funnel, solidify the workflow and decide how tasks will be automated or delegated and finally decide how we want to drive traffic to the site

SECOND 90 MINUTES: With the framework complete we’ll move into planning the fundraiser on paper.

  • Create the campaign

  • Outline the timeline for the campaign

  • Make a task list for the campaign

LAST 30 MINS: We’ll give the fundraising campaign a “Mini Boost” by creating a launch strategy for the fundraiser

*I would like to also go into more detail about Rotary International grant opportunities off the clock :)

TOTAL COST: $750 (2 payments of $375 - Deposit due to book and the remainder is due before the half day intensive)


a couple campaigns I’ve done


LADIES NIGHT OUT | Casa of Central Virginia

Before Allison Stronza was hired, the CASA Facebook page had 466 likes and was not being utilized regularly.  On her own she raised the total number of likes to 608 by inviting friends, running contests and boosting posts.  This averaged out at 2.5 likes per day with 73 people talking about the page.  The board had agreed to cancel Ladies Night Out if sales for 2015 did not improve due to the massive amount of manpower needed to execute the event.

On March 13 I joined their marketing team to help breathe new life into Ladies Night Out.  The changes were implemented over the course of six weeks.  The budget was $500 for FB ad spend.  I utilized the CASA Facebook page & created an Instagram account for social media marketing.  $145 was designated to general CASA branding, $280 was designated to promote Ladies Night Out and other CASA activities putting total expenses $75 under budget.  Within 24 hours of taking over the CASA Facebook page the page gained 52 new Facebook likes and increased engagement on the Ladies Night Out Contest from 10 likes & 13 comments to 16 likes & 64 comments.

Not only did I increase the total reach on the page to 13,173 in the first week (an increase of 1,058.6%), I learned vital information about their audience.  Over 86% of the page fans were women between 25 and 54.  Almost half of the fans were based in Lynchburg.  This information became extremely powerful throughout the campaign.  By shifting the focus away from college age girls & men, the engagement on the page continued to increase exponentially.  Their ad dollars became more effective because their marketing efforts became more targeted based on the numbers.   During this time I also negotiated a PSA deal with Comcast and consulted with their intern graphic designer about establishing a visual branding identity for the event and all the marketing.  I also trained Allison on FB techniques and graphic creation during the six week process and the months that followed to allow CASA to sustain the engagement after the event.

What were the results? 
The social media campaign paid for itself, generated a large profit & led to over $35K in total funds raised for the event.
  Additionally we advised them to simplify ticket sales by eliminating in store ticket purchasing at multiple store locations, switch to online ticket ordering & simplify shoe pricing to $10/pair.  These key decisions have provided CASA with a newly re-branded event that will serve them for years to come.  
Currently CASA has a Facebook following of over 4,900.


ATHERHOLT ALL-NIGHTER | Johnson Health Center

Johnson Health Center expanded their operations to a new facility on Atherholt Road and they were looking for a way to acquire artwork for the large facility as a reasonable price. Enter the Atherholt All-Nighter. The Atherholt All-Nighter was a 24 hour charity paint challenge. Artists would pull a room out of a hat "the lobby, dentistry, pediatrics, etc." and they would have 24 hours to pick up their canvas from Johnson and return it painted 24 hours later. Johnson would supply the canvas but the materials were the responsibility of the artist. 

Why would someone donate their work? 

Johnson Health Center is a non-profit healthcare provider in the Lynchburg region that provides affordable quality care to those who need it most. By donating their work, artists were able to help those less fortunate and also build awareness for themselves. Each piece was prominently hung in the Atherholt facility and will remain up as long as the facility is open. Johnson Health Center received numerous features in the press for this initiative and had a huge turnout on opening day when the artwork was unveiled. 

How did it help them with their initial financial goal? 

On top of the free publicity, Johnson was able to save almost $5,000 on artwork costs due to our innovative strategy. They also increased their Facebook following by 100 likes during this campaign.