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a week by week 90 day strategy to help you execute your business goals


Brand Boosts

The brand boost is the THE MOST POPULAR offering at About 90 Marketing. Within minutes of launching live on Periscope we received a flood of customers who had hit a wall and needed someone to create a roadmap to get them to the next level. Your brand boost includes:

  • Extensive Pre-Meeting Questionnaire to assist in research & analysis prior to the video call

  • 90 Minute Video Call with LaShonda + 30 Minute Follow Up Phone Call

  • A week by week marketing plan to implement over a 90 day period to help accomplish your goals

  • A recording of the call for your convenience

The BRAND BOOST is for you if you have a business goal in mind but you don’t know how to see that dream realized. It’s easy to say “I’d like to book 10 clients a month” but what do you need to do today to see that happen for you in your business?

Would you like to book a Brand Boost?

Let’s start with a discovery call to make sure it’s the right fit for you.