It was so good speaking with you yesterday! I’ve taken some time to breakdown a pricing structure for our relationship April - September to help you celebrate Bloom by Doyle’s 100th Anniversary and develop a new income stream for your business: the Professional Services program. Take a moment to read this over and when you’re ready just hit the button below to respond to your proposal.



Bloom by Doyle’s Anniversary Project

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On September 9th, Doyle’s will be celebrating 100 years in business. As part of this celebration Bloom would like to add an income stream and include the community in celebrating this part of Lynchburg history. This project would enlist the professional services of About 90 Marketing & Life Focus Pictures. Life Focus would create video marketing tools and About 90 would make the website and develop the strategy. Each month, preferably the third Thursday of the month from 9-10:30 am, we would meet at Bloom to do strategy sessions and project checkpoints to ensure everything stay on track. The components of this project are as follows:

  • Consulting: $500/month - 5 hours of marketing strategy with LaShonda

  • Video Production: $3600 + tax - 30 second evergreen branding commercial that can be used beyond the 100th Anniversary and a 60-90 second mini documentary to celebrate the 100 Anniversary

  • Web Design: $1000 - Simple 5 page Squarespace website to serve as the landing page for the 100th Anniversary and sales page for the Professional Services program


TOTAL PROJECT COST: $7800 (tax included)

The total cost will be broken up in 6 monthly installments of $1300 starting March 29th. On the 1st of the month a monthly strategy will be sent via email with tasks to be assigned. The monthly check-in will serve as an opportunity to check-in, make modifications and discuss the upcoming month before the next month’s strategy is sent out.

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"With her passion for helping small businesses paired with her natural gift of finding the marketable elements in any business (whether you are just getting off the ground or you’ve been in business for 13+ years), LaShonda is a treasure you will wish you had uncovered years ago. At least that was the case for me. After spending a decade of creating and running my own marketing campaigns without much direction, I met LaShonda. 90 minutes with her and I had three different marketing campaigns designed and ready to be implemented with achievable and measurable goals and the confidence to believe in the execution. Not only that, LaShonda later sat with me and helped me curate my offerings down to a collection that well-represented my brand and that my clients could understand and get excited about! Since meeting and working with LaShonda, my business has done a complete 180 and I had my most successful year ever in 2018! She is a gem and I highly recommend her services!!"