Atherholt All Nighter

Atherholt All Nighter Updated 8.15.jpg

It all started when...

Johnson Health Center expanded their operations to a new facility on Atherholt Road. They were looking for a way to purchase artwork for the large facility as a reasonable price. 

Enter "The Atherholt All Nighter"

A 24 hour charity paint challenge. Artists would pull a room out of a hat "the lobby, dentistry, pediatrics, etc." and they would have 24 hours to pick up their canvas from Johnson and return it painted 24 hours later. Johnson would supply the canvas but the materials were the responsibility of the artist. 

Why would someone donate their work? 

Johnson Health Center is a non-profit healthcare provider in the Lynchburg region that provides affordable quality care to those who need it most. By donating their work, artists were able to help those less fortunate and also build awareness for themselves. Each piece was prominently hung in the Atherholt facility and will remain up as long as the facility is open. Johnson Health Center received numerous features in the press for this initiative and had a huge turnout on opening day when the artwork was unveiled. 

How did it help them with their initial financial goal? 

On top of the free publicity, Johnson was able to save almost $5,000 on artwork costs due to our innovative strategy. They also increased their Facebook following by 100 likes during this campaign.