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Squarespace Web Design & Support

For small businesses & non-profits

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Restoring time to brands nationwide through innovative web design


Freeing up time in your schedule, helping you find your perfect customer, and guiding them along the way with clarity and professionalism. That’s what a good website can do for you. Using Squarespace to automate and delegate tasks within your business while selling while you sleep is my passion.

I’m LaShonda Delivuk, a Virginia-based web designer and serial entrepreneur. I run three brands simultaneously and contract my brainpower as well. I love a cute website but what’s more important to me giving service minded brands more time to do what they love. Curious where the name “About 90” came from? Learn more about me here.

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Squarespace Design

Strategy | Each website makeover starts with a 90 minute strategy session.
What is the action you want customers to take? What websites have you seen that inspire you? What would you like to achieve with your new site?

Design | You are actually involved during the design process. No surprises.
We sketch out your site, turn your sketches into a formal and then begin the process of development so you get to watch your site come to life.

Development | This is the part where the magic happens. Your PDFs become a reality.
Along the way you’ll receive page by page to see how things are coming along.

Review | Now it’s time to tweak and plan your launch.
We’re not going to leave you hanging. This is your chance to make tweaks, connect your domain and setup third party services to help add automation to your site.


You will receive a custom video tutorial and two weeks of email support after your site launches.
We’ll share your share with our audience and we’ll help you spread the word.


Squarespace Support

WE’RE NOT GOING TO LEAVE YOU HANGING ❤ Schedule Support Time with LaShonda

If at any point after your two weeks of email support you need help with your site, schedule a call. 60 minutes of support via Zoom for just $100. Need more help? Schedule another call. It’s pay as you go.


✔ Starting from scratch - setting up Squarespace
✔ Adding & Editing pages - navigating content blocks
✔ Connecting Email & Email Marketing Services to your site
✔ Commerce - getting ready to sell on your site
✔ Templates - choosing & customizing your template OR installing a custom template you’ve purchased
✔ Domains - buying one, connecting one, transferring one…we got you :)
✔ Scheduling - getting setup with Acuity

Free domain for a year, Free professional email for a year + 20% off Squarespace hosting your first year
Three months of Acuity for Free AND
50% off Flodesk Email Marketing software

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i paid a guy on Fiverr to come up with my business name lol.

I love telling clients this story because they find it utterly baffling. How could a marketing company not come up with their own name? Easy, I value my time. I knew I would agonize over it and waste a ton of time. What I wanted to do was help people, not name things. So I typed into a box what I wanted to do, 90 minute consultations, 90 day strategies. I received five name options and settled on “About 90” adding “Marketing” to it so it was more clear what I did. The rest is history.

The rest is history.

About 90 Marketing was launched live on Periscope and within minutes I had money in my PayPal account because of my Squarespace site. My first business took six months to make money. My second made money within six hours. That knowledge, those tricks of the trade is what I pass along to my clients to help them accelerate their business growth and reclaim their time. Once your site is launched you’re done paying me unless you need me for support. I don’t hold your domain or your website hostage. I help you create a beautiful digital storefront and send you out into the world to conquer.

It’s a win win for everyone. Doesn’t that sound awesome? Let’s work together.

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